B.A.P As Types of Coffee
  • Yongguk: Green Tea Latte - “emphasizes the virtues of humility, restraint and simplicity.” May seem off-putting at first, but is really refreshing and pleasant.
  • Himchan: Espresso (as much as I want to say Iced Americano lol) - Full of energy. There’s so much crammed in, it’s amazing that there can be so much in one thing. Even though it’s served in smaller quantities, a drop can bring so much liveliness to the room.
  • Daehyun: Americano - impulsive and energized. Hot in temperature reflecting strong determination and focus.
  • Youngjae: Mocha - Although he seems very mature (1/3 espresso), he’s very fluffy (2/3 steamed milk) and sweet (chocolate syrup) at the same time.
  • Jongup: Latte - Never ceases to surprise. He’s still a child (thus the base being milk) but has the umph of espresso. His personality is mysterious and as each layer goes by, there is more to discover.
  • Zelo: Coffee Milk - The intermediate step to full on coffee. He still retains the innocence of a child (milk base) but is living in an adult world (coffee syrup).

the one time daehyun is told to talk he just - 

As you can see we’re having a blast!

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we could have been happier.

himchan was trying to speak but the fans were so loud that he gave up