B.A.P's Interesting English by 6 Dorks
B.A.P in New York
  • Yongguk: Museum of Modern Art... Picasso... Deep thinking.
  • Jongup: Fuck yeah, Shake Shack.

Anonymous Asked: why do you love youngjae? he is rude and arrogant and so annoying in general thats why he has a lot of haters cuz he deserve it


here’s why and im kindly asking you to fuck off


bap in America scares me think of all the poor black men out here wondering why some goofy ass boy keep running up to them like “wow yes a black! Hello black friend, I too wish I was a black!” How many times within a couple minutes of being there do you think he’s run up to some black man like “wow yes brother! My brother! Martin Luther King jr! Wow yes hip hop oh my brother!”

yjayo: #happy 

yongguk poking himchan (▰˘◡˘▰)